Southeast Technology Initiative

A recent community assessment report by the University of California, Berkeley indicates that residents of the Southeast areas of Los Angeles County remain largely disconnected from the Internet due to the lack of broad public access to computers in public locations, lack of technical assistance, and lack of computer literacy education. As such, the members of these communities are victims of the Digital Divide, and suffer from a lack of access to information and communications technology, as well as a lack of acquisition of the skills necessary to take full advantage of these technologies for the purposes of education, economic development and citizenship.

The Southeast Cities Technology Collaborative, under the management of the Southeast Community Development Corporation, will conduct a three year technology initiative designed to:

  1. Expand community broadband access points
  2. Provide computer literacy training
  3. Enhance existing community service programs throughout the Southeast region of Los Angeles County

The Southeast Technology Initiative anticipates the following outcomes for this project:

  1. The public awareness campaign will distribute over 15,000 pieces of collateral material
  2. 1,700 residents will be served through Regional Technology Centers
  3. 500 students will be served through adult education training programs
  4. At least 1,000 children/youth will be served through after school and youth programs
  5. In total, this initiative will serve a minimum of 3,200 community residents

To learn more about this project download the links below:

Community Technology Assessment Report (need link)

Southeast Technology Plan (need link)