About Us

The Southeast Community Development Corporation (SCDC), a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, was established in 1994 as a regional community and economic development agency. The mission of SCDC is to promote community health, education, and safety, provide economic development, and to improve the standard of living for residents of southeast Los Angeles County.

SCDC has 19 years of community outreach experience and has developed strong partnerships with several hundred schools, churches, nonprofits, businesses, and community leaders. SCDC is considered a reputable and stable nonprofit agency focused on identifying community needs and delivering quality service programs. SCDC has participated in numerous community awareness campaigns, including public health, census outreach, broadband and small business education, financial literacy, and environmental concerns.

The SCDC has a long and successful history of managing community projects and producing outstanding positive results. Included in these, it has administered bus shuttles for the cities of Montebello and Huntington Park, overseen a federally funded house renovation project for the city of Huntington Park, managed a year 2000 Census Questionnaire Assistance Center, and a community business assistance center, distributed loans through the Small Business Micro Loan Program, formed a Southeast Health Coalition, and for fifteen years, co-sponsored a college scholarship program and college conference fair for southeast area students .