Young Senators Program


Young Senators take part in a 10 month program which consists of monthly sessions focused on our state’s most prominent industries:

1) Transportation and Trade;

2) Education;

3) Law and Society;

4) Health Care;

5) Information Technology and Social Media;

6) Government and the Legislative Process; and

7) Arts, Media and Entertainment.

Through hands-on site visits, interactions with industry leaders, and local community service projects, Young Senators participate in a transformative experience and develop meaningful contributions to society.

The highlight of the program is an overnight trip to Sacramento where the Young Senators learn about the legislative process, meet with legislators and advocate for their communities. In the evening, they are transported to a local university to experience what it’s like to be a college student on campus. The next day they meet with executives and rank and file employees at Google and Facebook to learn about the innovations they can be working on if they pursue that field. They return with a new sense of purpose and give presentations to their local elected officials at City Council Meetings and begin to organize the 25th Annual Southeast College Conference.


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