AYU Youth Development Program

Animate Youth University (AYU) is a youth development program of the Southeast Community Development Corporation. The mission of AYU is to develop youth leadership academies which utilize project based learning to nurture curiosity, creativity, and collaboration in an effort to develop 21st century skills, increase academic success and build community. Our youth development program will use technology and project based learning as a platform that will inspire youth to acquire 21st Century Citizen skills. Every four weeks, over the course of 12 hours, 4th through 8th grade students will create a multimedia project that incorporates two of the following digital elements: text, audio, still images/graphics, animation, video and interactivity. Each multimedia project will fall under one of the following driving themes: Media Literacy, Social Justice, Digital Storytelling and Environmental Awareness and will incorporate 21st Century Skills.

21st Century Skills are divided into the following categories: Learning and Innovation Skills; Information, Media and Technology skills; Digital Citizenship; and Life and Career Skills. Students will use programs such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Photostory, Windows Movie Maker, Microsoft Paint, Comic Life and Internet Browsers. Upon completion of each project students will present, publish and conduct self and peer evaluations, each time creating and adding to a personal portfolio of multimedia works.

Sisterhood, Inc

Sisterhood, Inc is a mentorship program that encourages teenage girls to become productive members of their community, by enhancing their critical thinking, communication and problem solving skills. These will be developed through the exploration of four core concepts:

To enroll, please call 323-585-4579.